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Stop leaks permanently with our commercial flat roof coating system at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement!

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Who We Are

With over 20 years of combined experience we began Shetler Roofing Company/Roof Coat Pros in 2015. Since that time we have installed thousands of commercial roofing systems and most importantly commercial roof coating systems. We are a Tennessee Commercial Roofing Company within close proximity to Knoxville, TN as our epicenter. We are a family owned and operated company. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We are also a BBB Accredited company so you can feel comfortable knowing we will install your new commercial roof coating system right. Our preferred roof coating materials come from Conklin Roofing Systems with over 40 years of premium proven commercial roofing products. Since our creation of Roof Coat Pros we have established many very happy long term clients/building owners/business owners. Our goal is always 100% Customer Satisfaction. We believe in providing the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and operate at the highest standards possible while providing building and business owners the most affordable options possible to meet their budgets needs. We are always available. Contact Contractor/Sales Manager Matthew Bowman or Owner John Miller any time. Ask about or emergency leak repairs, insurance quotes, and repair programs. We have a product to meet every budget.

Flat and Low Slope Commercial Roof Coating Systems

Membrane Coating

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Metal Roof
Coating System

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Membrane Coating Systems

We have a coating system designed specifically to coat over most all existing commercial roof membranes including: EPDM(Rubber), TPO, PVC, Modified Bitumen, Smooth BUR, SPF(Spray Polyurethane Foam). Depending on the existing roof we may recommend a seam fabric reinforced system or a full fabric reinforced system. Roof Coat Pros roofs reflect 85% of the sun’s harmful rays which is huge in the commercial roofing industry. Since the roof coatings reflect so much sunlight they will also save you money in heating and air conditioning expenses, in fact you save so much money in utility expenses these roof coating systems can pay for themselves in the span of an 8 to 10 year period.

Metal Roof Coating System

Our Roof Coat Pros Metal Roof Coating System is a complete roofing system that stops leaks and rust in their tracks, with the reflection factor of the Roof Coat Pro roofs this roofing system reflects 85% of the sun’s harmful rays which will in turn save you money in heating and air conditioning costs. If your business’s metal roof is leaking and needs a restoration, call us now! A fabric reinforced multi-layer coating system that will provide decades of added roof life at a much better price. Our MR Metal Roof Coating also comes with a Non-pro-rated warranty.

10 Reasons Why Commercial Building owners choose our Roof coating systems

  1. Lowers Energy Costs by up to 25%
  2. Keeps the Building Cooler
  3. Reduces Thermal Shock Damage
  4. Reduces Air Pollution and Greenhouse Emissions
  5. Complies With Building Energy Standards & Green Energy Programs
  6. Handles all Ranges of Temperatures
  7. Bonds Directly to Existing Surfaces
  8. Forms a Tough Seamless Membrane Protecting Against Roof Leaks
  9. Resists UV Deterioration (unlike a black roofs)
  10. Increases the Lifespan of a Roof
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Benefits of Our White Roof Coating Systems Details

  • Great Tax Deduction Benefits: Labor and Material Costs Can be Expensed in the same fiscal year. As a building maintenance cost instead of a capital expense
  • Reduce your HVAC energy expenses as much as 20-30% with 85% reflectivity which reduces surface temperatures 40-50%.
  • A recent study shows that 80% of commercial flat roofs are replaced prematurely
  • 50% less expensive than roof replacement
  • It can pay for itself in 8-10 years.
  • Up to an 18 year renewable warranty. Get a fresh coat before the 18 year warranty expires and get an additional 18 year warranty. Imagine never having to replace your commercial roof again!
  • Complies with Green Energy Programs and Building Energy Standards
  • Resists UV deterioration and damage(unlike black roofs)
  • Reduces air pollutants and greenhouse emissions
  • Non Disruptive to your business. No tear off and dumpsters. Avoiding downtime and reduced productivity.
  • Coat over most types of commercial roofing including, Metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Smooth BUR, Spray Polyurethane Foam(SPF)
  • A seamless membrane over the entire roof providing water, wind, and corrosion protection.

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Membrane Coating Systems

Metal Roof Coating Systems:

Our Non-Pro-Rated Transferable Renewable Conklin Warranty

Department of Energy
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What Our Customers are Saying

I recently used Roof Coat Pros/Shetler Roofing Company systems to remedy our leaking old metal roof above our office and large warehouse. The crew worked quickly in getting all of the repairs done and missing screws replaced before applying the layers of new roofing. The roof now looks great and provides more insulation and water protection that was greatly needed!. I strongly endorse Shetler Roofing Company and will use them again on future roofing needs!

- L Krumpols, Vice President

Movers of TN, Agent for Wheaton Van Lines

Roof Coat Pros/Shelter Roofing Company has performed several roofing jobs for Beverly Steel, Inc., Ranging from leak repairs to installing over 8,000 square feet of PVC membrane over our existing metal roof, to tearing off and replacing over 20,000 square feet of metal roofing. Mr. Shetler has always done what he said he would do. He and his crew performed each job for us in a safe and timely manner. I would certainly recommend him to others for their roofing projects, and will continue to use Shetler’s Roofing for future projects of Beverly Steel.

- J Adkins, President

Beverly Steel, Inc.